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Friday, September 4, 2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009


So lets continue with learning slovenian, here are some basic frases

- Hello.
- Živijo. (ZHEEVEE-oh)

- How are you?
- Kako si? (KAH-koh see?)

- Fine, thank you.
- Hvala, dobro. (HVAH-lah, DOH-broh)

- What is your name?
- Kako ti je ime? (inf) (KAH-koh tee yeh ee-meh?) / Kako vam je ime? (pol) (KAH-koh vahm yeh ee-meh)

- My name is ______ .
- Ime mi je ______ . (EE-meh mee yeh)

- Nice to meet you.
- Lepo, da sva se spoznala . (LEH-poh, dah svah SPOHZ-nah-lah)

- Please.
- Prosim. (PROH-seem)

- Thank you.
- Hvala. (HVAH-lah)

- You're welcome.
- Dobrodošli. (doh-BROH-dohsh-lee)

- Yes.
- Da. (dah) / Ja. (yah) (inf)

- No.
- Ne. (nah)

- Excuse me.
- Oprostite. (oh-PROHS-tee-teh)

- I'm sorry.
- Oprostite. (oh-PROHS-tee-teh)

- Goodbye
- Nasvidenje. (NAHS-vee-dahn-yeh)

- I have trouble speaking Slovenian.
- Slabo govorim slovensko. (SLAB-oh goh-VOH-reem sloh-VEHNS-koh)

- Do you speak English?
- Govorite angleško? (goh-VOH-ree-teh ahn-GLEHSH-koh?)

- Is there someone here who speaks English?
- Je tukaj kdo, ki govori angleško? (yeh TOO-kah-yuh kdoh, kee goh-VOH-ree ahn-GLEHSH-koh?)

- Help!
- Na pomoč! (nah POH-mohch)

- Look out!
- Pazi! (PAH-zee)

- Good day.
- Dober dan (DOH-ber dahn)

- Good morning.
- Dobro jutro. (DOH-broh YOO-troh)

- Good evening.
- Dober večer. (DOH-behr VEH-chehr)

- Good night.
- Lahko noč. (LAH-koh nohch)

- I don't understand.
- Ne razumem. (neh rah-ZOO-mehm

- Where is the toilet?
- Kje je stranišče? (kyeh yeh strah-NEESH-cheh)

here is a website with much more slovenian ....

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Hej dear reader. I am a girl who lives in California but is coming from a small country called Slovenia where we speak a language called slovenian in my home country that not that many people know. I want to intruduce my home language to people aroud the world so if you are interested here is a start - few first words in my language.

HI - živjo

BYE - adijo

HOW ARE YOU - kako si?

NICE DAY - lep dan

name - ime

what's your name - kako ti je ime?

I am Brigita - jaz sem Brigita